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CANCELED: I'm sorry but I will not keep this project because the way I am writting it DON'T pleasures me. Specially because I want the story to be more romantic and calm. Takeru is way too exited... I am not sure yet but maybe I will re-writte it and maybe instead of a Visual Novel it will be a "Manga style Comic". Once again, sorry and thank you for the ones who played the demo. See you soon as posible! I also tooked out the DEMO sorry...

UPDATE: I decided to bring up the DEMO again! Even though the remake that I am doing still not related with this Demo!

Type: Visual Novel (Kinda Kinetic Novel tbh)

Motor: Ren'py

Status: Demo

Rate: Teen (SFW)

Genres: Romance, School-Life, Slice-of-Life, Drama, Shonen-ai (Boys in Love), Kemono (Anthro/Furry)

Main Characters: Takeru (Protagonist), Ooka (Love Intrest/Co-Protagonist)

Other Characters: Mr. Amaki (Teacher and aslo a reference to the creator of the game)

Playable time: Around 10/15minutes (Demo)

Resume: You're Takeru, an student wolf who is bored of his boring school. One day a cute white wolf called Ooka appears and joins your class and you fall in love! Will you be brave to one day tell him that?~

APverse: Its an actual Visual Novel that AMAki is developing.


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I loved every secound of this... shame it was so short if you ever make a follow up I'll be there to support it first hand!

Awww thank you so much!

Like I said in other comments, I will remake this story! The story will be sligty different but the charavter Ooka will be still there, even tho... The main protagonist will be different! I totally hope you enjoy it when I do it! Aslo the art will be slighty different too! <3

The art and the story was good,however it was canceled.

No worries mate.I hope you make more.I'll be looking forward to it.

OMG, thank you so much!

Don't worry when I have a PC I'll be sure to remake it! The story will be a lil bit different tho... But I beliee you wil like it! <3

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Hi,Alex!I got your reply and I am EXCITED !

I will be checking in from time to time to see if you have any updates.Good Luck!

i have to admid that was not that bad it good the art and the story are not so bad 


Well thank you!

I should admit that this my first game (wich stills in demo) is just a test! With time I may do even better stuff~

what actually is this game resolution? is it going to be released to phone or something?


Yes it is! It will be both for pc and phone.

Sorry if the resolution is weird but I promise my next games won't be like that! nwnU